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. the challenges ahead for president obama after the brutal election campaign. that is one of the top stories you will see just ahead. >> good afternoon. i am tori campbell. we will have full coverage in a minute. with developments in the east bay, these pictures are just in to the newsroom from san lee and doe -- san leandro, this is
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880. the highway patrol said a truck spilled 185 gallons of lye on the road just before 9:30 this morning. they told us how the driver found out about the leak. >> the driver was driving down the freeway and another driver pointed out. was painting to the cargo and he pulled over to inspect and found out there was a leak in one of the containers. >> the chp said none of the material got into the storm drain. the lanes could be closed for another two or three hours during the clean up. a triumphant president obama is looking at four more years after an electrifying victory that caused the crowd to go wild in chicago. >> mr. obama said his re-election is a call to action. he said the best of his work as president is yet to come. he made it clear that his
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agenda priorities include immediate negotiations with congress for a new fiscal plan. he appeared on stage with his family after his opponent mitt romney conceded the race. >> with your stories and your struggles, i return to the white house more determined and more inspired than ever about the work there is to do and the future that lies ahead. the president won the pore of his home state and several critical swing states including ohio that pushed him well over the 270 mark for the electoral votes and handed him the win. the convention center was different where mitt romney marked the end of his campaign. this is mitt romney and his wife ann where they spent the night. this is the first time in months that he doesn't have a public event on his schedule. he offered a brief statement
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after a congratulatory call to president obama. >> i so wish i had hoped to load the country in another direction. the country chose another leader. ann and i join with you to pray for him and this great nation. >> he appeared on stage with his family and he included paul ryan. campaign manager say they under estimated the level of turnouts including young people, latinos and african-american. >> now the nation is waiting for results from florida. this time mechanical failure. long bail and high turnout kept them in line until late last night. ballots are not counted yet. it is not clear who will get the state's 29 electoral votes. it won't change the outcome of the presidential election. >> one thing that played a role in the results is demographic of the voters they are
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targeting. with continuing election coverage, brian flores is live. we will examine why they didn't vote for the candidate. >> reporter: good afternoon, we are peeling back the layers and numbers, we are finding that the president resonated well with minorities. women and young voters while mitt romney didn't. >> in oakland's fruit district, the majority say the choice was clear. >> it is good. >> as analysts look back at the election they are finding the face of the voter changed. what played in a role is the connection to minorities and women. >> we explain. >> the numbers don't lie. the gem graphics of the nation are changing. more and more latinos. more and more asians and republicans are not clicking with those groups. >> they are playing a role in
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the election. just from yesterday's election. it is reported that the president received african-american and asian voters. there was another demographic that played in the president's favor. >> for young adults, the question was asked at one of the debates about financial aid. he said ask your parents for money. so a lot of lat teen nos that are first generation college going students don't have access to parents paying the tuition. >> it is also about the messaging. some say they didn't connect with the massachusetts governor. >> i would like -- i would not like romney. according to the people, he is going to do everything for the rich people and obama is going to do a lot of things for the poor people. >> there is a generation gap among voters. older generation people 10 to be more conservative. young people vote more liberal. >> this is what they try to
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gauge what the public is four years you from now. >> they are going to know if four years from now they start talking a friendly game towards latinos and asians they will be suspicious of their motives. they have to change. >> even though the president will be serving another term, there is a bit of cautious optimism from people we spoke with. they said he served a previous term and they will watch how he does in this term and that will sway their vote coming up in 2016. this is the fruit dale district. >> hard to believe we are talking about 2016 already. just a couple of minutes we will go live to washington d.c. and we will talk about the chances of ending the gridlock that keeps republicans and democrats from working together. there is a tax measure to help struggling schools.
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the voters approved the temporary tax increase. 46.1 voted against it. tara moriarty explains what it means for local schools. >> reporter: he said he was going to do it. >> i know a lot of people had some doubts. and had some questions about can you really go to the people and ask them to vote for a tax. but they did. >> the only place where a state said let's raise our taxes for the kids, for the schools, for our california green. >> problem 30 will raise the state tax and increase income taxes for people who make $250,000 a year by three percentage points for seven years. it is projected to raise $6 billion a year for schools. >> i didn't realize that prop 30 won and how stressed out i was. >> he is the principal at mission high school in san
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francisco where many public schools have struggled with money and test scores. >> if it didn't pass, it would be devastating to all the schools in san francisco. >> reporter: they are keeping it out of the red and more furlough dawes. they will also benefit from prop 30 and they wonder what will happen when the seven years is up. >> to me. it is like a band-aid. it is going to help us from gushing blood out. it is not the answer. we still need to be able to fund education in a higher level than we are in the state of california. ktvu, channel 2 news. here is a result of other state propositions. >> 32, the measure on political contributions lost 66 to 44%. voters rejected 34. it would reduce the maximum penalty to life in prison without parole and it would be retroactive to people on death
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row. they give it to proposition 36. it is once considered the toughest three strikes law. it is considered a serious or violent crime, then it will be a felony. it is labeled for general netally engineered food labeling did not pass. >> this is a campaign by multinational food corporations. >> 90% of american consupers favor labels for general netally modified food. >> this is a 12 year tax increase to fund schools. it was bankrolled by a millionaire attorney and generated $10 billion a year by raising taxes on upper and middle class households. >> despite the most expensive, the balance of power in washington d.c. hasn't changed. democrats retain control of the senate and the white house and republicans hold onto the
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house. >> we will get to alison burns to look at what the status quo congress must accomplish. alison? >> reporter: first, we will get to a live look inside the u.s. capitol building. in 20 minutes. house speaker john boehner is going to be speaking to reporters. his office said he wants to talk about the fiscal cliff, the massive across the board spending increases and taxes that kick in, in less than two months in congress doesn't act. president obama has little time to celebrate. he returns to washington today and immediately faces a divided congress that will be around for at least two more years. he has made clear he wants wealthyier americans to pay -- weltier americans to pay higher taxes. >> they used their election night speeches to call for more cooperation. >> you voted for action. not politics as usual.
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>> you elected us to focus on your jobs. not ours. >> the nation as you know is at a critical point. at a time like this, we can't risk boss touring. with the help of dianne feinstein, they kept control of the senate and picked up two more seats. here is the final break down. 53 democrats. 45 republicans. two independents. a republican was able to hold onto the comfortable majority and democrats did pick up a handful of seats. >> reporting live from washington d.c., alison burns. ktvu channel 2 news. minimum wage workers will be getting a raise in san jose. now that a new measure passed, you will hear from people how it will effect consumers and businesses. cold weather is moving into
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the bay area. we will have details in seven minutes. more problems expected by the end of the day for victims of the east coast storm.
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. a snowstorm is moving into
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the northeast where they are cleaning up from superstorm sandy. they are going to dump 2 feet of snow s along the coast, they predict 3-foot storm surges, high wind and low-lying residents are being urged to evacuate. >> airlines is taking no chances with the storm. they canceled the flights. and virgin america and jet blue have announced cancellations. so far a total of 18 canceled flights for both arraying and departing planes between the two airports as well as philadelphia. one of the big issues on the ballot in the south bay was an up crease in the minimum wage. >> we are joined live from san jose to find out what what people will think and whether it will hurt or help the economy. >> reporter: they pay the workers minimum wage.
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they are not happy about the increase. but some people who are struggling to make the ends meet are thrilled. >> reporter: she is a single mom. she was trying to support her son making $8 an hour. >> she is part of a group of students in a sociology class who gathered signatures who put raising the minimum wage on the ballot. >> it is amazing to know that students started this. we believe that people who work hard. play by the rules get this. >> 59% of the voters approved this. they allowed minimum wage to increase from $8 an hour to 10. low wage workers immediated more to survive in an affluent city and they said the measure would hurt businesses. >> it is obvious, the voters of san jose voted with their hearts. not their mind. >> it will cost the city $600,000 to enforce the measure. >> a spokesman said it will
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cause them to raise their prices. >> your operating cost went up by 25% and the taxes you have to pay on the increase. >> for low wage workers. >> the $2 will make an impact. >> now, i know, when they get it, they can buy the diapers that are way better. and foods that are healthier. >> the minimum wage is set to increase in the next 90 days: >> richmond's soda tax was overwhelmingly shot down. it was a penny per ounce tax object sugary drinks. >> they would have been the first in the nation with a tax. >> also defeated was a temporary parcel test for the contra costa fire district. they fell short of the approval it immediated to pass.
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>> 10 stations may have to be closed. and third of them could be laid off if the measure did not pass. >> the only local measure rejected was proposition f which called for a study on whether to drain it. and in yosemite national park. >> they narrowly banned the measure for sitting on sidewalks from 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. supporters said it would have reduced the number of street people who loiter in front of stores. opponents say it discriminated against the poor. >> you will find the up-to-the-minute p election results on the bottom of your screen. >> we have complete election results. look for the section right on the front page. two ballot measures legalizing recreational marijuana in colorado and washington. they say implementation of the
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bill remains uncertain since the ballotle measures directly contradict federal law. >> supporters of gay marriage are celebrating today. >> it passed in maine and maryland. >> more states could follow suit when all the ballots are counted. it is the first time the gay marriage measures have passed at the polls indicating a shift in major opinions. this has moved down. more low cloud cover. still lingering in a few spots. it looks like the north bay camera is showing you mostly sunny skies. >> there will be a factory. >> right around the bay into the afternoon hours. >> talking about the snowstorm developing across parts of the east coast. >> that is the satellite and radar.
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>> it is developing right now. and it is as we head into the next six hours and with significant rainfall, snowfall and storm surge. le and with the tidal flung tuitions in that part of the region as well. >> you can't pick out the local satellite. the clouds offshore and pushing back into the bay. >> going pack to the shore line. forecast headlines for today. we do have this. areas of fog. definitely cooler. >> major cooling constitutional for thursday and friday. we will be tracking a few rain clouds and the key headlines. very cold mornings. a dry weather pattern. this is the upsetled part of the forecast. and that is tomorrow into friday. >> look at the number persist. >> it is cool out there. >> and more sunshine out towards concord and livermore. >> we do have that and san jose
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checking in. >> six # degrees. >> it is moving out. >> temperatures everywhere coming down to a dollars goods -- a good 10 to 15 degrees. this is a weather system moving in. and warmest locations only in the lower 60s. >> we will get to the forecast model. >> winter weather advisory kicks in until 10:00 a.m. thursday and friday. >> it lingers near the coast and the bay this afternoon. we will take it into tomorrow morning. tracking rain chances into the afternoon hours. and more active. >> everyone cooling off today. no more 80s. approaching low to mid-70s. beaches major cool downs and into the upper 50s. >> get ready to bundle up as you can't see them cooling off for thursday and friday. >> then the weekend it will be dry. get ready for cold mornings.
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>> it is a pig reversal and we will call the transition day and bundle up over the next few days. >> this is kind of going to be the beginning of probably the winter. we had a little taste of summer. >> yes. >> it is a nice remnant part of summer. >> temperatures in the morning hours. >> it is mid-30s. >> okay. thank you, mark. >> still ahead. stocks are plunging. what is causing investors to be so nervous today. >> it is looking like the holidays in downtown san francisco.
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. stock assist are down. s&p has the biggest drop since june. as it shifted from the president's re-election and whether it could create a recession. comments about growing weakness in europe. take a live look at the big board. dow is down 261. still below 13,000 t nasdaq down 64. and s&p down 28. >> we have gotten an update on the earthquake that hit off cat male la. the president of guatemala said 15 people are dead after the 7.4 quake. >> they talked of widespread landslide and people trapped. it is the largest earthquake since a trembler killed 23,000
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people in the small south american country. this is a house fire in newark. it is on a home in marion drive. >> they were a wakened by the flames. >> managed to grab the four children and get out safely. the red cross is helping the family find a place to stay. >> they believe the cog died in the fire. >> this is the unofficial start of the season. >> with the opening of the union square use skating rink. -- ice skating ring. >> -- ice skating rink. >> she showed up to practice her ice dancing skills. >> this is the fifth anniversary. and it will operate through january 2 1-rd. money raised from admissions will benefit the boys and
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girl's clubs and city parks. >> today on the news at five. more election fallout. what the passage of proposition 30 is going to do for california schools. plus on the national scene. >> what needs to happen for the grid lock on capitol hill needs to be resolved. >> we will see you the next time. and we are always here for you on
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